Variable Bolt / Nut

Want to use Honda wheels on Audi? Honda owners want to use Merceders or Audi wheels? You'll need these bolts

These nuts have been designed with a floating washer attached, which can move approximately 1-1.5mm in a 360 degree circumference. This allows a wheel of correct centre bore size (hub centric) to fit several different PCD applications whilst still keeping the nut centralised and parallel within the recess pocket of the wheel avoiding cross threading the stud. Also known as wobble nuts. (

1.5mm on each bolt, so the 2 most opposite bolts would have almost 2.5 to 3mm extra space. The different on Honda's 5x114 and Merceders / Audi's 5x112 bolt pattern is just 2mm difference, so they'll work.

For Honda, you'll need some variable nuts. There are different choices of diameter, length, pitch, and different types of seats; taper, radius, or flat seat. So there will be something match your car and wheels combination.

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